Saturday, June 4, 2011

Portable Blender

Since having my “grill,” I have worried about either having access to a blender at all times or carrying enough blended nutrition to last me for a good 3-4 hour stretch.  But who says one needs to be limited in travel when the blender can be brought alongside?  Folks we are talking about one of the best tech toys out there – the portable blender.

After some disappointing attempts at restaurants to ask them to blend and strain items from their menu, my supportive friend Alex showed up with up with the “Bosch Mixxo Cordless” – a chargeable, portable blender – at one of our favorite eating spots, Shake Shack.  With beef broth, water, and extra Shack sauce, we successfully blended a Shack Burger (minus cheese to avoid messiness).  We received several puzzled looks from nearby tables and one very curious mother and son stopped by to inquire once they saw me slurping away.  The burger smoothie was enjoyed with a must-have milkshake (I chose neapolitan flavor on this visit).  We opted out of the French Fries, however, I might just bring my own potato smoothie (see prior post) as a burger complement for the next trip.  To round out our culinary tasting adventures, we also visited a nearby food fair and savored blended sorbet.  

While a blended burger may sound rather unappetizing, it can help partially fulfill a meat craving and begin to provide the body with those fatty nutrients that are absent from the more common fruit smoothies.  Every day has been an experiment to see how my energy level sustains or wanes and if I'm consuming enough protein, fat, carbs, and calories to begin to resume a more daily routine.

It is quite common for individuals with a jaw wired shut to lose a minimum of 15 pounds.  Prior to the accident, I was a strong, athletically slender 126-128 pound female, working out 6-7 days a week, and eating 5-6 times per day to fuel my body.  In the 3 ½ weeks since the accident, I've lost a noticeable amount of weight and strength.  While the lack of exercise has certainly led to diminishing muscle strength, the body is simultaneously also processing of all of my meals to be liquid given their lack of solid consistency and “feeding” on my muscle.  Previously, a hearty meal to help repair my body from an endurance training session would have kept me satisfied for 3-4 hours.  Today, a similar meal in liquid form might sustain me for 1-2 hours.  

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  1. I can relate to what my niece of going thru. I had something similar, but what I had done was on purpose. On 1985 I had my jaws broken and my top teeth impacted. Talk about poison oit was worse than having labor pains...... I was less fortunate than my niece on what I was able to eat our even think I could eat. My regular weight was around 125lbs. I got down to 95lbs by the time O got the wires taken off. All I survived on was milk shakes and chicken and beef broth, along with some vitamin supplements for like 8 weeks out more. To make matters worse Iwent for a job interview a week after my major surgery, and got the job as a receptionist. So I had to learn how to talk real fast with my mouth wired. I started counting down the days when I would be able to have a real meal, which was going to be fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn on the cob. I must have had this dream every day shortly after my surgery every single night. The day came (oh forgot to mention I had to wear special sissors around my neck day in and day out, just on case I started choking someone would be able to cut the wires) The other bad thing was that I also had my braces still on. So I go into the doctors office he was called out on emergency, do his assistant had to cut the wires off only to find out that he had a hard time doing so, it took him almost an half hour to cut tooooooo wires off. I was in such a hurry to leave that I dont remember what he said I could or could nt do. So after purchasing my good I couldn't even wait to get back to the office I say on my car and preceded to eat (so I thought I was going to eat) I went for the chicken first and went to take a bite but ended up hitting my mouth instead, I then tried the corn on the cob and the same thing happened, so I say in my car crying because I just assumed that it would automatically open but thats not how it works people........ My brian was sending the signals but my mouth just wasn't opening. So I cried but managed to slurp up some gravy. Went back to work and my boss ssaw how upset I was she told me yo go home. I dont remember how long out took me to be able to eat solid good again but out must have taken like six months. I member always having a bleeding tongue though because every time I would start to talk my mouth would close... I had to learn how to use it and control it all over again. So needless say I can totally relate to what my por niece has been going thru. But she is a True Rosales, come hell or high water we will persevere....